Something different for your teenager this year – a Philip Stein watch

If you’re like most parents of teenagers, your kids have probably provided you with a highly detailed list of what they want for Christmas this year.  In fact, if your kids are like mine, they have also generously included links to the exact web pages where their wish list items can be found online.  But by the time kids reach 15 or 16, their wish list start to be much too predictable.  The girls all ask for UGGs boots and new cell phones, clothes from overpriced California-themed mall stores, and gift cards.  The boys usually prefer video games over clothes, which is nothing new. 

As a parent, I’ve struggled with balancing my desire to fulfill my children’s Christmas wishes with my desire to teach them something new or share a unique experience with them.  Ever since I was given my first Philip Stein watch last year, I have been prone to “gushing” about it nonstop, for anyone who cares to listen.  But I truly believe my teenagers could benefit from the health benefits of Philip Stein’s Teslar technology.  After all, they are the ones dealing with the stress of social pressures, college admissions, after-school jobs and dating.  Plus, they are also the ones using cell phones, iPods and video games during almost every waking hour, so I’m sure their exposure to electromagnetic “pollution” is far greater than mine.

A Philip Stein watch is probably something your teen wouldn’t ask for themselves, but they can really benefit from the life-changing effects of frequency technology, which include reduced stress, deeper sleep, sharper mental concentration, and an overall sense of well-being.

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