Still not sleeping well? Read this.

For several years now, fans of Philip Stein watches have been singing the praises of the patented frequency technology contained the tiny disks, hidden in the case of each watch.  But until now, whenever skeptics came forward with doubts about the technology, there wasn’t a U.S. based study to point to, proving that Philip Stein watches really work.  That’s why Philip Stein commissioned a study by NeuroTrials Research.

The study itself was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study.  Subjects with sleep problems, both male and female, were asked to wear a watch at different times of the day, half of which were placebos and the other half genuine Philip Steins.  Over the course of three months, people responded by saying they were sleeping better and feeling refreshed.  They also were able to fall asleep faster have more pleasant dreams.

While no one knew until the study ended which watches were real and which were not, results showed that those who were wearing a Philip Stein watch were more likely to feel refreshed, fall asleep faster, and have pleasant dreams.

Dr. Breus, clinical psychologist at the American Board of Sleep Medicine, was excited to be a part of this study and work with a company like Philip Stein, who is so committed to learning about the science behind their beneficial technology. 

I am excited to work with a company like Phillip Stein who is committed to learning more about the science behind their unique and effective technology, which has clear benefits for sleep and health,” said Dr. Breus. 

These preliminary results were especially exciting for people who have been wearing a Philip Stein watch for years, and wanted to convince their friends to buy one too.  Currently, the study data is in the process of being submitted to peer-reviewed scholarly publications.

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