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The Philip Stein Modern 9-CRBS Men’s Watch Holds Nothing Back

Spare nothing

Philip Stein held nothing back when creating its Modern 9-CRBS men’s watch. Starting with a super sized watch face, this time piece combines numerous features with innovative technology and visual elements that demand to be appreciated. Put it all together and you have a masterpiece of wrist watches that will not be outdone for decades, if ever.

The round, stainless steel, oversized case is nearly two inches in diameter. Under the full sapphire crystal that covers the watch face, there are two main dials to keep track of two different time zones. Within the top main dial there are three sub-dials – one for 24-hour time, one for minutes, and a chronograph stopwatch. There is also a date window at six o’clock. On this top dial, there the space is maximized by using different elements as hour markers. The date window, as mentioned, is six o’clock. Three, nine and noon are marked by Arabic numerals, ten and two are the edges of sub-dials and 11, 1, 4, 5, 7 and eight are denoted by white dots. The two black main dials are pasted atop a gray, wavy background that helps make the Philip Stein Modern 9-CRBS men’s watch as much are as time piece.

The Philip Stein Modern 9-CRBS men’s watch retails for $1,695.

Texture: The Philip Stein Modern 7EB Men’s Watch

Can you feel it?

Philip Stein’s designers have once again outdone themselves on the Modern collection 7EB large round men’s watch. This time their originality comes through chiefly by way of texture. From the background of the dial face to the strap, this watch makes it seem as though it is possible to have a sense of touch not with your fingers or skin, but with your eyeballs. Despite the class of the watch, or the impressive technology and precision of Philip Stein, it is the unending stream of design elements that keep surprising us. This watch continues that string of successes.

The Philip Stein Modern 7EB men’s watch features two time zone dials, the primary marked with Roman numerals and the secondary with Arabic numbers. Both dials are stainless steel on a black background of tiny, fine points, giving it the aforementioned texture. The case is also stainless steel. The strap is a silk leather with its own texture that epitomizes modern style. While the strap is interchangeable, this one — the 2-IB — fits the design seamlessly. The dial face is protected with a full sapphire crystal window and the watch is 3-ATM water resistant.

The Philip Stein Modern 7EB large round men’s watch sells for $800 at the Philip Stein website and authorized sellers.

The Chocolicious Philip Stein Modern 7CH Men’s Watch


Chocolate in virtually any form is delicious. So is the Philip Stein 7-CH men’s watch, from the watchmaker’s Modern Collection. The dial face on this watch makes me think of delicately made truffles, with layers folded over a dozen times. The wrist band that goes perfectly with the timepiece reminds me of a fresh baked brownie, the crust cracking just perfectly to reveal the tender insides. Taken as a whole, the watch puts out the same essence of finely crafted chocolate: smoothness. It is a smooth watch with a smooth color scheme evoking a smooth response.

Within the stainless steel, round case, the Philip Stein Modern 7-CH men’s watch boasts two dials in silver on a background of an almost swirl designed chocolate brown. The dial face is covered by a full sapphire window. It is 3 ATM water resistant. The primary band, which can be changed, is the Alligator Chocolate 2-ACH.

The Philip Stein Modern 7-CH men’s watch may give you a hankering for truffles. It may make people that shake your hand suddenly desirous of brownies. It may do any number of subliminal things. One thing it will do is convey an air of the smooth onto its wearer. The watch retails for $990 at the Philip Stein website and authorized sellers.