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Philip Stein Launches the FRUITZ Brand

Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein
Philip Stein Fruitz

Philip Stein recently introduced the world to the Fruitz watch brand.  The hip brand continues in the tradition of Philip Stein – each watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk.  Fruitz currently carries three collections: Fruitz Classic, Happy Hour and Fruitz Sorbet.
Every Philip Stein Fruitz Watch features:

1. Either a 43 mm or 36 mm dial.  The larger of the two are a specific feature to Fruitz Happy Hour watches only.  Fruitz Classic and Fruitz Sorbet collections all have the smaller dials.

2. A comfortable silicon strap that helps decrease perspiration or a stainless steel expandable bracelet, which looks incredible when you are dressed up or down.  Fruitz Classic watches and Happy Hour watches feature the silicon strap, while the Fruitz Sorbet watches feature the expandable bracelets.

3. The natural frequency technology symbol composed of three curves, representing the notion that the universe is covered in natural frequencies.

4. A second hand that resembles a natural frequency wave, and minute and hour hands that are reminiscent of fruit leaves.

5. Fruit seed indexes; in some watches these are glow in the dark.

6. A laser cut sunburst dial.

7. A round shaped case.

Philip Stein Fruitz
has received a warm response to its watches – and that includes enthusiastic cheers from Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez and Dakota Fanning.

What is the difference between a Philip Stein Teslar watch and a Teslar Medallion?

In case you are unfamiliar with Teslar, it is a form of frequency technology that protects the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by continuously emitting an oscillating signal that ranges between 7 and 9 Hz.  Since the frequency of 7.83 Hz is the same one that is naturally found in the Earth, this is also the ideal frequency for optimum human functioning. 

Why would someone want to change their body’s natural frequency?

The human body is highly sensitive to the various external EMFs that emanate from electronics, particularly those devices that operate within close proximity to the body.  These would include computers, kitchen appliances, hair dryers, electric razors, electric blankets, alarm clocks and of course, cell phones.

Whenever the body’s natural bio-field is bombarded with a range of EMFs – which is most of the time – it responds by limiting its own energy flow until a better balance can be found.  This energy can often become blocked, causing fatigue, depression and stress.  And the net impact on the body can be far more harmful over time, causing such ailments as hypertension, anxiety and migraine headaches. 

Why a watch?  Why not a medallion?

Philip Stein watches have been known to prevent the body from feeling the impact of EMFs because it constantly emits a signal that is in the same range as the Earth’s, thereby realigning the body’s natural energy field to one that is more beneficial and healthy.   In order to be effective, however, the Teslar chip constantly oscillates. Otherwise, the body would become accustomed to the new frequency and it would lose its impact.

When a magnetic medallion is worn, it is not constantly oscillating, or changing its frequency.  Instead, it is a passive, static device.  Yes, it may work initially, but over time the effect wears off so it can no longer protect the body from EMFs; nor can it provide the calming sensation of a Philip Stein Teslar watch. 

To put it simply, there are no moving components in a medallion, which makes its impact on the body limited and static.  Only when there is constant stimulus to the body’s own energy field can Teslar be entirely effective.  A Philip Stein watch is an active device, which continues to work its magic long after you’ve forgotten you’re wearing it.

A Toast to the Early Success of Philip Stein Watches

 It’s hard to believe that a company that started only seven years ago is already as successful as the Philip Stein watch company.  Since 2002, owners Will and Rina Stein have been creating beautiful timepieces that relax the body and mind.  Through the use of innovative natural frequency disks, embedded in the watches, the timepieces they design are strikingly different than any other watch.  Natural frequency technology improves the flow of energy in people’s bodies while wearing a Philip Stein watch. Fans of Philip Stein watches believe this really works, because they can feel the results.

A single frequency timepiece utilizes two chips, both of which interact with the electrical impulses of the batter and the magnetic field of the watch to create a harmonious frequency.  This natural, earthbound frequency is what makes people feel better while wearing the watch.  It is known to make people sleep better, relax more deeply and have an overall sense of well-being. 

Olympic athletes swear by these watches when they see the improvements in their performance.  Celebrities like Simon Cowell, Oprah, Isaiah Washington and Madonna all sing the praises of Philip Stein.  While the brand itself is still relatively new, it hasn’t taken long for word to get around about the power of Philip Stein watches, and their following continues to grow despite the global recession.

If you are looking for a therapeutic, stress relieving piece of fine jewelry, then look no further than the beautiful creations of Will and Rina Stein.  When it comes to style and substance, they know how to close the deal. 

The Philip Stein Prestige Collection – Swiss Watch Making at its Best

The Philip Stein Prestige line now offers Swiss-made perfection along with cutting-edge frequency technology.  Precision Swiss quartz movements add to the distinctive design of these fabulous timepieces. 

Like all other Philip Stein watches, the Prestige collection is embedded with the natural frequency technology that balances the body’s bio-field, improving overall health and well-being.  By replicating the natural frequency of the earth (7-9 MHz), the natural frequency disk helps the wearer deflect the radical frequencies that are present in our everyday lives.  Electronic pollution from computers, PDAs, iPods, cell phones and microwaves can disrupt the natural balance in our bodies, inviting stress and poor sleeping patterns.  By wearing a Philip Stein watch, these negative frequencies are repelled.  The net result is a calmer, more meditative state that invites serenity and peace of mind.

The new case being shown in the Prestige collection is available in highly polished stainless steel or rose gold.  The women’s models also include miniature pave diamond bezels and mother-of-pearl dials. 

Men’s watches in this collection are elegant, yet sporty, featuring triple layered dials with luxurious detailing.  All of these timepieces are available with a wide selection of interchangeable straps and bracelets, in a variety of colors and textures. 

Launched seven years ago, the Philip Stein watch company has made watch making history by being the first to include integrated frequency-based technology in a luxury timepiece.  Thanks to the excitement generated over this innovative technique, the company soon received numerous accolades from the press and notable celebrities.