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The coolest bracelet you will ever own. Period.

You may already have seen the one of a kind Philip Stein watches in some high-end department stores and boutiques, but chances are you haven’t seen the Philip Stein Teslar®  bracelet.  These great-looking bracelets are perfect for those who want the benefits of a Philip Stein watch without replacing their current timepiece. 

Whether you choose a lizard, stainless steel, alligator or ostrich bracelet strap, these classic bracelets make an elegant addition to any jewelry wardrobe.  Using Philip Stein Teslar®  patented quantum chips, the bracelets use Single Frequency Technology (SFT) to emit the 7-9Hz frequencies commonly found when nature is in harmony.  These integrated natural frequencies replicate the earth’s natural balance, bringing the body and mind back into synch with nature.  Not only that; they make you feel terrific. 

By eliminating the extra low frequency (ELF) “electronic pollution” that disrupts the body’s natural energy flow, these beautiful bracelets can rebalance the wearer’s electromagnetic energy flow.  Electronic pollution comes from overexposure to cell phones, computers, and other devices that surround us in our daily lives.  Philip Stein Teslar® has developed a way to combat these undesirable pollutants by adjusting our “frequency” to reflect the natural balance of the earth.

Just a word of caution, don’t let anyone convince you of the “Philip Stein watch scam”.  This overly hyped propaganda is being spread throughout the blogosphere, leading one to believe that it could have started because of one of Philip Stein’s competitors out of spite. 

Electronic Pollution – A Health Hazard?

I have a theory.  It’s a little crazy, so hear me out.

At a recent conference I attended, there was so much stress in the air, it almost crackled like lightning.  I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say my boss was at the eye of the storm.  The air was so tense, it was almost palpable.  That’s when I started wondering what had changed since the early days of my career, what it is that makes people so much more stressed out these days?  Then it occurred to me – it’s all the “electronic pollution” from our computers, cell phones, PDAs, microwaves and flat screen TVs.  Even our cars have computers these days. 

When I mentioned to a friend of mine, he agreed.  In fact, he had recently read an article about a watch that  repels the negative effects of EP (Electronic Pollution).  It’s called the Philip Stein Teslar watch, and it is embedded with a natural frequency chip that emits vibrations that mimic the brain’s natural frequencies when it is at rest.  By bringing the body’s electromagnetic field back into synch with nature, it allows us to feel the way we used to feel – before we started getting bombarded with “EP” 24 hours a day. 

Upon researching the subject myself, I found a few web sites warning of “Philip Stein Teslar scams“, complete with “testimonials” from people who claimed the watches were a fraud.  Then I found similar forums where people raved on and on about the therapeutic benefits of Philip Stein Teslar watches.  This could confuse anyone, so the reporter in me set out to find the truth. 

When I saw a Philip Stein watch display in Bergdorf Goodman last week, I stopped in and spoke with the gentleman who sells these watches, and he provided me with the whole story.  As a recent Philip Stein convert himself, he couldn’t stop telling me how the watch had “changed his life”, and he said the Philip Stein Teslar scams I read about were false.  To prove it to me, he suggested I try one on for size.

When I saw how handsome the watch looked on my wrist, and viewed the selection of straps, I was very easy to sell.  And I can honestly say, after wearing the watch for three weeks I am more convinced than ever that stress is a state of mind.  It’s hard to believe that something as simple as “frequencies” could control the way we look at the world around us, how well we sleep, and the level of anxiety we feel, but it’s true.  Stop at a Philip Stein authorized retailer and find out for yourself!

Teslar Scams Are Everywhere: Be Sure Of What You’re Getting

5808715 Oh boy, hold onto your hats and break out the icepacks for your flaming-hot earlobes because Les Jenkins has something to say about Philip Stein’s Teslar technology watches. Citing that there is absolutely no medically proven list of effects on the human body from electromagnetic fields or impulses (about which he seems to be correct, as I couldn’t find any documented research studies upon which either the AMA or the FDA were willing to place their stamp of approval), Mr. Jenkins slams Philip Stein as being a purveyor of a snake oil remedy that is over-priced and downright exploitive of those with money to burn and/or not enough sense to realize when they are being fed a line of nonsense. Assuming that frequency technology actually IS nonsense, of course.
The point remains that numerous wearers swear they experience positive effects when wearing the watch, and a return of negative effects if they stop wearing the watch. Can these subjective reports be ignored simply because they are not backed by the FDA, funded by the U.S. Government, or the AMA, funded as a support group for American medical professionals who make their living by holding the definitive opinion on all things medical in the U.S.? Perhaps these two agencies are not the best to decide the legitimacy of a heretofore lightly researched phenomenon. Perhaps consumers should let the facts eventually speak for themselves. The old adage “If it feels good, do it” just might be appropriately applied here.

Philip Stein knockoffs suck

I am so sick of knockoffs and scam artists!

I bought my first Philip Stein watch in 2004 and loved it so much that I bought another slightly more formal one with a smaller dial last year. Both my husband and my daughters have told me that they have noticed how much calmer I am. Even my therapist tells me that I seem to be handling stress much better now.

So this is why I’ve felt comfortable telling more than a few friends about my watches and how the Teslar system has improved my health and relaxation by quite a bit. And it’s also why frankly I’ve become very pissed (pardon my French, but that’s how I feel) when my best friend told me she bought what she THOUGHT was the same watch I had, but she got it from a website called ireplica.com.

To be fair, I guess the website advertises that their watches are knockoffs but still, their product description says that it is a “TESLAR” watch… which it is not. And while her watch does look a lot like mine, it doesn’t have ANY of the medical benefits which is the main reason why I recommended it to her.

So if you are looking for a Philip Stein watch, BEWARE OF KNOCKOFF ARTISTS and scammers! Do yourself a favor and spend the extra bucks on the real thing not on some piece of garbage you can probably get on the street somewhere.