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A Modern Timepiece Based on Ancient Chinese Secrets?

In ancient China, so many incredible discoveries were made that it’s hard to believe that many of them go back more than 5,000 years.  One of their key findings was the discovery of “chi” energy, an unseen force that contributes greatly to our well being.  By identifying twelve meridians, or pathways, along which energy travels throughout the body, they formed a basis for therapeutic treatments like acupuncture and shiatsu massage, as well as Tai Chi.  The meridians of the body are the pathways of our central nervous system, so we can feel stressed when they are blocked.

The Chinese believed that matter and energy are just two different forms of the same substance, vibrating at different speeds. They believed that the subtle energy that travels through all things can be diverted, and thereby weakened, by the invasive frequencies that come from radios, cell phones and other electronics.  You see, we cannot experience the true natural energy, or frequency, found naturally in the Earth when our personal electromagnetic fields are being constantly bombarded with a jumble of chaotic external vibrations.

Flash forward to the modern era, and the Philip Stein watch collection.  These unique Teslar watches are embedded with a natural frequency disk that emits the same natural frequencies found in the Earth.  By wearing one of these watches, one can harness the natural resonance of the earth, the one that allows the body and brain to function most efficiently.

Like many other discoveries that claim to use frequency technology to further well-being, Philip Stein watches are often met with a certain level of skepticism.  Some bloggers persist in their claims about a Philip Stein Teslar scam.  It is unfortunate, but these rumors of Teslar scams are based on cheap replica watches.  The best way to learn more about Philip Stein Teslar watches is to try a real one.  Only then will you witness the transformation firsthand.

Going Back to Nature with Philip Stein Watches

As much as modern technology has improved our lives, it also has its downsides.  One of these is that we’ve become a sedentary people.  Another downside is how dependent we’ve become on computers, smart phones, GPS devices and the other electronic devices. 

Of course, our daily lives would change dramatically without the technology we enjoy today, but modern conveniences do come with a price.  Each device or appliance emits its own electromagnetic field, which interacts with the body’s unique field and causes stress, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.  This causes an interruption in the flow of energy throughout the body, and interferes with the body’s natural ability to manage stress. 

Because Philip Stein watches utilize the same natural frequency found in the Earth, they combat the dangers of extra-low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and help the wearer for more rested, relaxed and stress-free.  Research has shown that when the body is exposed to this natural frequency, it promotes a more restful sleep, reduces stress, and protects the body from the health hazards of electronic pollution.

Just like a weekend in a remote location can do a lot to refresh the body, the mind and the spirit; wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch can promote healing, relaxation and overall mental performance. 

But be sure you buy your Philip Stein watch from an authorized retailer.  Some replica watch companies have tried to reproduce Stein’s collection, resulting in a few Philip Stein Teslar scams.  The only way to be sure you are getting the genuine article, is to check the Philip Stein web site for a list of authorized dealers, and only buy from them.

Shoot the Messenger behind Teslar Scams

They say you shouldn’t shoot the messenger, but in this case it is very tempting to do so.  I just spent some time reading a few of the bogus sites that claim to “review” products and reveal scams.  A few of them mention Teslar scams as if they know something about them, when it is obvious by comparing their sites that they do nothing but steal ideas from each other.  It is doubtful that anyone writing about these so-called scams has ever darkened the door of Neiman-Marcus or seen a real Philip Stein Teslar watch in person.  Reading their blogs, it wouldn’t surprise me if you told me they never left their basements. 


But, just in case you are tempted to believe in “snake oil scams” or other such blogs, Here are the facts about Frequency Technology and Philip Stein watches.


Since 2002, Philip Stein watches have become one of the most popular luxury watch brands in American and around the world.  Because they integrate a patented Teslar Single Frequency Technology (SFT) chip, which emits a 7.83Hz frequency, wearing a Philip Stein watch can actually make you feel good. 


All day, every day we are exposed to electronic frequencies that disturb the natural flow of energy, or “chi”, in our body and disrupts our electromagnetic fields.  These extra-low frequency (ELF) emissions come from cell phones, computers, microwaves, and any number of electronic devices.  When this natural energy field is disturbed, it leaves us more susceptible to stress, makes us feel fatigued, and interrupts our sleep. 

Wearing a Philip Stein watch allows your body to recapture the naturally occurring frequencies (7-9Hz) that are present when our body is in a state of optimal performance and relaxation. 


Don’t fall for the blogs about Philip Stein Teslar scams.  Take it from Oprah Winfrey, who named Philip Stein Teslar watches one of her “favorite things” – twice! 

The Truth about Philip Stein Teslar Scams

If you are at all familiar with the luxury watch industry, chances are you’ve heard of Philip Stein, but just in case you haven’t, I am hoping to dispel some nasty rumors about these revolutionary watches. 

Allow me to cut to the chase – the Philip Stein Teslar scams are real.  There, I said it.  But the genuine Philip Stein Teslar watches (also known as frequency technology, or the “feel good watches) are 100% real as well.  Confused?   So was I.

Let’s flashback to 2002, when the Philip Stein company first introduced their new Teslar watches, known not only for their natural beauty, but also for their “natural frequency” technology.  New on the scene, the company received more press than they had originally anticipated, especially when Madonna presented Oprah with a Philip Stein watch as a gift.  Then, the watches made it onto Oprah’s list of Favorite Things – twice!  Before long, Rupert Murdoch was seen wearing them, and the rest was history.  A few bumps in the road and millions of dollars in sales later, and Philip Stein watches are still a favorite among celebrities, executives, and influential people around the globe. 

The “bumps in the road” for Philip Stein’s “feel good” watches came when several replica watch makers set out to create an imposter version of the watches.  This is quite common for luxury watch brands, in fact some companies are flattered – and know they’ve really made it – when they start to see replicas for sale.  Not Philip Stein.  This is because a replica of a watch claiming therapeutic benefits is the perfect recipe for naysayers who like to claim they are being scammed.  Truth is, they were scammed, but not by Philip Stein.  Their scam was delivered by an imposter, claiming to be Philip Stein. 

So the truth is, yes, Philip Stein scams do exist, and yes, the real deal is out there if you’re willing to pay for it.  Enough said.

Electronic Pollution – A Health Hazard?

I have a theory.  It’s a little crazy, so hear me out.

At a recent conference I attended, there was so much stress in the air, it almost crackled like lightning.  I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say my boss was at the eye of the storm.  The air was so tense, it was almost palpable.  That’s when I started wondering what had changed since the early days of my career, what it is that makes people so much more stressed out these days?  Then it occurred to me – it’s all the “electronic pollution” from our computers, cell phones, PDAs, microwaves and flat screen TVs.  Even our cars have computers these days. 

When I mentioned to a friend of mine, he agreed.  In fact, he had recently read an article about a watch that  repels the negative effects of EP (Electronic Pollution).  It’s called the Philip Stein Teslar watch, and it is embedded with a natural frequency chip that emits vibrations that mimic the brain’s natural frequencies when it is at rest.  By bringing the body’s electromagnetic field back into synch with nature, it allows us to feel the way we used to feel – before we started getting bombarded with “EP” 24 hours a day. 

Upon researching the subject myself, I found a few web sites warning of “Philip Stein Teslar scams“, complete with “testimonials” from people who claimed the watches were a fraud.  Then I found similar forums where people raved on and on about the therapeutic benefits of Philip Stein Teslar watches.  This could confuse anyone, so the reporter in me set out to find the truth. 

When I saw a Philip Stein watch display in Bergdorf Goodman last week, I stopped in and spoke with the gentleman who sells these watches, and he provided me with the whole story.  As a recent Philip Stein convert himself, he couldn’t stop telling me how the watch had “changed his life”, and he said the Philip Stein Teslar scams I read about were false.  To prove it to me, he suggested I try one on for size.

When I saw how handsome the watch looked on my wrist, and viewed the selection of straps, I was very easy to sell.  And I can honestly say, after wearing the watch for three weeks I am more convinced than ever that stress is a state of mind.  It’s hard to believe that something as simple as “frequencies” could control the way we look at the world around us, how well we sleep, and the level of anxiety we feel, but it’s true.  Stop at a Philip Stein authorized retailer and find out for yourself!