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Teslar Scams versus the Real Thing

People who keep up with the news about luxury watches already know that Philip Stein watches are the most revolutionary innovation in watch making since the invention of the chronograph.  Still, you may have heard some rumors about Philip Stein Teslar scams, and you may be feeling a little wary about buying one.  Allow me to dispel these rumors. 

A number of replica watch manufacturers noticed the unprecedented public interest created by Philip Stein watches when they first launched.  Face it, with Oprah and Madonna raving about a watch twice in the same week, the sales figures are bound to go through the roof.  If you were a luxury replica watch manufacturer dealer, wouldn’t you want to start making fake Philip Steins? 

Replica Philip Stein watches are a different story.  Because Philip Stein watches are best known for their therapeutic health benefits, most buyers find themselves looking for differences in the way they feel.  But when people wear an imposter, these changes never occur. Before you know it, people start comparing notes and calling the watches a fraud.  To be honest, all replica watches are a form of fraud.  That’s why you will want to be absolutely certain that you buy a real Philip Stein watch.

It is too bad that such an impressive company has had to deal with all these rumors about Philip Stein scams, especially when they have spent so much time and effort developing their incredible frequency technology. 

But take heart, there is a silver lining.  You can still purchase a real Philip Stein watch, and they really do work.  With so many styles to choose from, it can be stressful trying to decide on the right one for you, but rest assured.  Any stress you feel at the time of purchase will dissipate as soon as you start feeling the effects of genuine frequency technology.

Philip Stein Sleep Study Quiets Critics

Recent studies have shown that wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch can make you sleep better.  These long awaited independent studies, commissioned by Philip Stein president Will Stein, have established as fact what many people have long known to be true.  Over the past seven years, many fans have given testimonials about the health benefits of Philip Stein’s frequency technology, but until now there were no U.S. based research studies to back it up.

As a luxury watch brand, the Philip Stein company is the only one associated with their stress reducing timepieces.  In fact, they are the only luxury watchmaker who can make this claim.  Along with their stress-busting abilities, customers have also reported an end to insomnia and a deeper, more restful sleep.

In the study, a group of test subjects with sleep problems were given a watch.  Half of them wore the Philip Stein watch with frequency technology, and the other half did not. None of the participants or study administrators knew who had which type of watch.  The results came in and showed the test group wearing Philip Stein Teslar watches reported feeling more refreshed in the morning, and were also able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

For the past few years, a number of skeptics have come forward with doubts about the effectiveness of Philip Stein’s technology.  In fact, some have even called the trend a “Philip Stein watch scam”, but now that these results are in it should be easy to quiet these critics.

Beware of anyone who knows a lot about scams…

I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty frustrating to get 100+ new emails every day, only to find that about 10% of them are from people I know or do business with.  The other 90% are from any number of organizations, from my favorite bookstore to my alma mater, and most of them are looking to sell me something.  But I think the worst ones are those that try to make money by telling lies or half-truths, particularly the ones with subject lines like “Protect Yourself from Internet Scams”.  The reason I hate these so much is that they are trying to scam people into believing that they really care about whether or not you get scammed.  Ultimately they want you to pay them so they can scam you even further.  Get the picture?

Problem is, like many internet or direct response businesses, they operate on percentages.  You and I may know not to respond to spam emails, but does your grandmother know?  Probably not. 

In a similar fashion, I am frustrated with the number of well-optimized web sites out there promoting themselves as “experts” when they do nothing but spread rumors and lies.  A good example of this would be all the scam sites out there that talk about the Philip Stein watch scam, when Philip Stein watches were designed using scientific methods based on years of research and testing. 

Who knows how these things get started, but in the case of the so-called “Teslar scams”, I bet I can take a guess.  Someone most likely bought a replica watch online, claiming to be a genuine Philip Stein watch.  Then, when they didn’t reap the health benefits of Philip Stein’s patented frequency technology, they decided to warn the general public.  Other scam sites just copied them (since most are incapable of coming up with an original idea), and before long, the Philip Stein watch scam became an urban legend.

The “scammer” web sites know a lot about scamming the public.  Perhaps that’s why they’re so good at it.

How can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein watch?

If you’ve been paying attention to the “buzz” about Philip Stein watches, you may already know that the company has been dealing with a number of bloggers who claim the watches are nothing but a “Teslar scam”.  Some of these web sites even say that Philip Stein no longer uses a “Teslar chip”.  This has caused a number of inquiries with the company from people who feel they might have been scammed too. 

So, how can you be sure you bought a real Philip Stein?

Well, first of all you probably spent a fair amount of money on it.  You either purchased it from a Philip Stein boutique, or from a high-end retailer like Neiman Marcus.  The Philip Stein web site provides a list of authorized retail locations, so if the store where you bought yours isn’t listed, then it is probably a fake. 

Your watch will say Philip Stein on the dial.  If the words “Water Resistant” are on your watch, then it is definitely not a real Philip Stein watch. 

A real Philip Stein Teslar watch will have a small clasp that allows for an easy switch of watchbands.  It will not have the standard pins that most watches use.  If you see pins instead of a clasp, your watch is definitely a replica.

Finally, if your watch is genuine it will have two chips embedded into the case.  Surrounding these chips will be the words “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see these words on your chips, you don’t have the real thing. 

Don’t be fooled by all the Philip Stein Teslar scam web sites.  They are obviously written by people who have purchased a replica watch and feel they are being scammed by the company.   While it is true they were scammed, they should be aiming their criticism at the replica watch retailer where they purchased it, not the Philip Stein watch company. 

Now you know.  Spread the word!

A New Form of Energy Healing will Balance your Chi

Whether we can feel our own subtle energy or not, you can be certain it is there.  Energy that travels throughout our body, also known by the Chinese as “chi”, is something that can be revealed to you during an energy healing session.  Trained practitioner can help you redirect your chi and gain greater insight and clarity. 

Energy healing is nothing new.  It originated over 5,000 years ago when the ancient Chinese used it as a platform healing through acupuncture and therapeutic massage.  The Chinese believe that al illness is a result of an imbalance in the flow of “chi” through the body’s central meridians, and acupuncture connects these pathways with specific organs.  By inserting a series of needles into these areas, an acupuncturist attempts to correct the flow if energy and restore the body’s natural balance. 

Frequency technology is based on some of the same principles, and it aims to accomplish the same sense of well being.  The only difference is that today there less invasive ways to restore the flow of chi.  One of these is by wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch. 

Philip Stein Teslar works by emitting the same natural frequencies that are present when the Earth, and our bodies, are in balance.  These frequencies, generated by an interaction between an embedded chip and the watch’s battery, inform the body to relax by changing its electromagnetic field. 

Ever since these watches launched in 2003, they have enjoyed a great deal of favorable publicity from major celebrities to Wall Street tycoons.  In fact, Oprah Winfrey twice selected Philip Stein watches as one of her favorite things. 

Like other such revolutionary products, there are a number of replicas on the market, and sadly they have affected the reputation of the Philip Stein watch company.  If you hear about a Philip Stein watch scam, this is the result of unauthorized use of the word “Teslar” on replica watches.  A real Philip Stein Teslar watch is only available through an exclusive Philip Stein retailer.

A Constant Innovator, Philip Stein releases two new designs

Since the launch of the Philip Stein Teslar watch in 2002, the world of elite luxury watches has been forever changed.  It’s hard to believe this could happen because of the innovation of one brand, but thanks to their Natural Frequency Technology, the Philip Stein watch company has catapulted to the top of the high end luxury watch market.  As a result, they are one of the few companies releasing more new watch models in 2009 than in previous years. 

Two new standout designs are being released this month: the Cocktail watch for women and the Special Edition Titanium Chronograph for men.

How has such a new company like Philip Stein been able to stay ahead of the competition, even during a recession?

 By integrating the two diverse fields of mind/body wellness and luxury timekeeping, the Philip Stein Company has accomplished a great feat.  Their embedded natural frequency disks, as well as their superior design and craftsmanship set these watches apart.

 What is frequency technology?

The electromagnetic fields created by frequency emissions can either be helpful or harmful to our health.  The type of frequencies we should be exposed to are the same ones that are naturally present in the Earth, and in the brain when it is calm and relaxed.  However, thanks to modern technology, a vast array of extra-low frequencies (ELFs) invade our energy fields and throw our “chi” into a state of constant flux, which causes undue stress on our bodies and minds.  

Philip Stein Teslar watches have been using Single Frequency Technology (SFT) since 2003, but just introduced Multiple Frequency Technology for its Prestige collection in 2008.  Both work within the same beneficial range of 7-9Hz and utilize a metal disk that is embedded into the back of the watch’s case.  Through an interaction with the battery in the watch, these disks emit the proper frequency to repel stressful ELF emission and keep the body in a state of focused relaxation.  Wearers have reported better sleep, increased energy and concentration, and less stress.

SFT, MFT and the Philip Stein Watch

A lot of time and energy has been spent by bloggers trying to create a name for themselves by spreading rumors about a Philip Stein watch scam.  One would think they would have better things to do than try to defame a proven technology, but I am here to set the record straight.

First of all, if you know anyone who actually owns a real Philip Stein watch, you probably have heard them proclaim how the technology in these timepieces has changed their life.  I’ve personally heard from chronic pain sufferers, insomniacs, anxiety-ridden executives, and a number of formerly jet-lagged airline employees who say they their Philip Stein watch made a noticeable difference.  Arthritis pain has slipped away after a few weeks, people are sleeping better, jet lag is no longer an issue, and stress is a thing of the past for these Philip Stein Teslar fans.  If anyone can debunk the bloggers and their “Philip Stein watch scam” sites, these people can. 

How does Philip Stein Teslar technology work?

Since 2002, the Philip Stein watch company has been outselling their competitors with watches that incorporate two types of natural frequency technology: SFT (Single Frequency Technology) and MFT (Multiple Frequency Technology). 

·         SFT works with a dual-chip system where the chips interact with the watch battery’s electric field as well as the magnetic field of the movement, resulting in a frequency of 7-9Hz, the same frequency present in the body’s most harmonious and peaceful state.

·         MFT, available only in Philip Stein’s Prestige collection, uses a permanently programmed alloy disk, which emits multiple frequencies of natural well-being, in addition to the 7-9Hz frequencies. 

Both forms of technology offer the wearer a more peaceful state of mind, less stress, better sleep and increased energy.  Exposure to these natural frequencies essentially “fools” the body into a blissful state, since these are the same frequencies present when the brain is relaxed and in tune with nature.

If you think you’ve been fooled by a Philip Stein watch scam, it’s true you may have been a victim of a scam, but it was not created by Philip Stein.  Beware of replica watch companies who try to sell you a Philip Stein watch.  These are the true scam artists.

How to Avoid a Philip Stein Watch Scam

If you’re looking for a real Philip Stein Teslar watch, here is one way to tell right away of its real or a replica.  A real Philip Stein watch will have an interchangeable watch band.  Rather than using the standard pins, it will have a small clasp to make it easy to switch from one strap to another.  The most common Philip Stein watch scam artists will use standard watchbands with pins.  If you see these, beware.  They are not real the real thing. 

Another telltale sign to look for: on a real Philip Stein Teslar watch, the words “Water Resistant” will not be found on the watch’s face.  The only words written on the face are “Philip Stein”.  A genuine Philip Stein watch will say Water Resistant on the back of the watch, alongside the serial number. 

Finally, a real Philip Stein watch will have two chips embedded into the back of the case, and they will always look bright and new.  You will know it is a real Philip Stein watch when you see the writing around the chip itself, saying “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see this, then you can be certain that someone is trying to sell you a fake.  Don’t buy it. 

Even more important than the outer beauty of a Philip Stein watch is the soothing effects of the Teslar chips, so don’t believe anyone who tells you the watch is genuine unless you see these three things for yourself. 

An even better way to ensure you aren’t being “duped” by an imposter is to purchase your Philip Stein Teslar watch from an authorized retailer.  You can find authorized retailers by looking at the web site or visiting a Philip Stein watch boutique. 

I hope this helps, and you are soon enjoying the benefits of a new Philip Stein Teslar watch. 





Philip Stein Watch Scam

Beware of Scammers! philip-stein-teslar-1

I guess it is my own fault, but I was completely scammed by a “discount wholesaler” when I tried to buy the same Philip Stein watch that my sister-in-law has.

She has a large ladies Philip Stein watch with a mother of pearl dial, stainless steel case and a pink rose alligator strap with a Teslar chip. I thought I had the same thing until I took mine to a jeweler after I accidentally scratched it. When I came back the next week, he told me that I had a cheap knockoff of the original watch and that mine was just one of many fake Philip Steins he saw.

He asked me how much I paid for it and when I told him two hundred dollars he explained that the authentic Philip Stein model I wanted couldn’t (at the time) be bought for less than five hundred dollars and that there was a reason I could get it so cheap. The Teslar chip in it wasn’t real.

I was furious. Of course when I went back to the store where I purchased it, the owner (or who I think was the owner) denied any responsibility and only offered to sell me any other of his watches for 50% off. I’ve called the police but I still haven’t been able to get my money back. I’ll likely end up in small claims court but it is starting to become more trouble than it is worth.

Anyway, after doing my research (obviously a little too late) I have found out that you really should only buy Philip Stein watches either directly from them or from one of their AUTHORIZED sellers. Also, in the watch world, anytime you buy a watch for more than 60% off, there is a good chance the watch is fake or the company is illegitimate. Sounds obvious I guess, but as they say, live and learn.

The kicker is that I have also found out that Philip Stein no longer makes their watches with Teslar but with a new “frequency technology” which I am sure is great but I just wish I could have gotten the watch I wanted in the first place.