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Philip Stein Fruitz Classic Blueberry F36S-BU-BL Watch Review

Fruitz by Philip Stein
Philip Stein Fruitz Classic Blueberry Watch

The Philip Stein Fruitz Classic Blueberry Watch is a fun looking watch.  The blue color of this watch seems to announce that joy and excitement have arrived.  The strap is a solid blue color, while the dial’s faded blue emanates a softer, calming effect.

This Philip Stein watch is not only an eye turner; it is also super comfortable and durable.  The silicon strap makes for a truly light wear, even more so with its grooved interior, which helps reduce perspiration.  This is also a durable timepiece – the stainless steel case, which holds the 36mm diameter case in place, gives a sense of strength and long lastingness, while the 3 ATM water resistance level should hold the wearer in good stead too.

But this watch goes beyond being light, durable and fun to wear.  It also possesses the signature Philip Stein natural frequency technology, which promotes overall health and wellbeing in the wearer.

This breakthrough technology replicates the natural frequencies found on earth.  It communicates these frequencies to the wearer’s bio-field, via his or her wrist, and is therefore able to create a sense of balance, bringing the wearer more in touch with the natural earth.

This watch seems to be the perfect beach bag accessory.  It also looks great on blue eyed individuals, as it brings out the blue glitter in their eyes.

Philip Stein Launches the FRUITZ Brand

Fruitz Watches by Philip Stein
Philip Stein Fruitz

Philip Stein recently introduced the world to the Fruitz watch brand.  The hip brand continues in the tradition of Philip Stein – each watch is embedded with a natural frequency technology disk.  Fruitz currently carries three collections: Fruitz Classic, Happy Hour and Fruitz Sorbet.
Every Philip Stein Fruitz Watch features:

1. Either a 43 mm or 36 mm dial.  The larger of the two are a specific feature to Fruitz Happy Hour watches only.  Fruitz Classic and Fruitz Sorbet collections all have the smaller dials.

2. A comfortable silicon strap that helps decrease perspiration or a stainless steel expandable bracelet, which looks incredible when you are dressed up or down.  Fruitz Classic watches and Happy Hour watches feature the silicon strap, while the Fruitz Sorbet watches feature the expandable bracelets.

3. The natural frequency technology symbol composed of three curves, representing the notion that the universe is covered in natural frequencies.

4. A second hand that resembles a natural frequency wave, and minute and hour hands that are reminiscent of fruit leaves.

5. Fruit seed indexes; in some watches these are glow in the dark.

6. A laser cut sunburst dial.

7. A round shaped case.

Philip Stein Fruitz
has received a warm response to its watches – and that includes enthusiastic cheers from Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez and Dakota Fanning.

The Philip Stein Watch Legacy

Philip stein watches are so unique in style and quality that almost everyone desires to make them a part of their collection. Philip Stein watches are way ahead in design and performance that many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and business tycoons like Rupert Murdoch have endorsed them for years now. They are proud of having fine collections like these and also millions across the globe. With technology like natural frequency forming its back front, one can be assured of high quality, and accurate watches.

Philip Stein watches collections include varieties like prestige, signature and modern brands. These are further subdivided into small, large and chronograph models. Each Philip stein watch is a masterpiece, being a perfect blend of technology and style. Because of its classic look, one gets so hooked at a single glance of this watch that they cannot resist going into the finer details and examine it more closely.

The watches come in different shapes and sizes. There is a separate section catering to the individual needs of both men and women. Philip stein Teslar watches equipped with diamonds have been an instant hit among the buyers. It is a piece of beauty that no one wants to miss. Among the various categories one can choose watches having diamond case and dial or either of them. These watches double up as exquisite pieces of jewelry besides keeping accurate time.

The benefit of this watch extends beyond any material pleasure. After wearing this watch people have been able to sleep soundly, face less stress thus improving the overall performance in virtually every sphere of life. It helps to increase the competitiveness no matters what profession a person follows. People wearing this watch for longer period of time have shown increased level of concentration powers and have made them more optimistic with positive attitude towards life. The natural frequency technology helps you to control your emotions and behave in calm manner. People have experienced what is called ‘time of quiet calm’ as they are virtually cut off from all the negative sources within their surroundings. There have been remarked improvements in the health of several people, as they have reduced their medications and experience a better life, after wearing this watch.

Philip stein watches have been a revelation in terms of fashion, uniqueness and performance. The prices are not exorbitant, so that everyone can afford to wear one and experience the change in their lives.

It’s all about the strap on

Philip Stein BraceletDid I get your attention? Okay, perhaps that was a cheap joke but when it comes to buying a watch that can be worn for multiple occasions, the bracelet that you (forgive me) “strap on” is the primary feature that will provide you with true versatility. Which brings me to Philip Stein.

Philip Stein is a top tier designer of luxury watches that is perhaps best known for the technology behind all its collections, which they call “frequency technology” but I have also heard it referred to as Teslar. Regardless of its name, however, this technology puts the Philip Stein brand in two seemingly unrelated categories: Luxury timepiece and health product. The former category is a given but the latter designation is due to the fact that frequency technology Philip Stein utilizes apparently makes their watches help its wearers sleep, relax, and generally feel better.

But that said, the possible health benefits of Philip Stein watches aren’t really my concern. I care about style. Because as Billy Crystal used to say during his old Saturday Night Live days: “It’s better to look good than to feel good.” Which brings me back to Philip Stein’s wide variety of bracelets and straps for all of its timepieces. Aside from the quality mechanical features of their various watch collections and the “two watches in one” look of their dials, the best feature of Philip Stein collections is that you can buy one watch from them and pair it with as many different matching straps as you can afford. (And the good news is that the straps are rather inexpensive). So it is perfectly doable to buy a watch from Philip Stein’s Prestige Collection and pair it with three different straps: a pearl white strap, a red strap, and perhaps a stainless steel bracelet and voila, you have a watch for all seasons.

That’s right, in one blog I went from strap-ons to Fernando Lamas to A Man For All Seasons. It must be time for my nap.

I Love My Philip Stein Watch

I’ve been wearing my Philip Stein watch for about three months now and I absolutely love it. I guess I should say that what initially drew me to it was not the health benefits. I just thought it was a beautiful piece of jewelry on display at Niemans. (Okay, I admit it… I am a bit of a diamond freak, and the watch is well adorned with beautiful ones that are VERY TASTEFUL and not at all garish). I didn’t buy it that day, however. I was more in window-shopping mode. But I was really taken with its design and the green leather strap/bracelet was very unusual and fun.

Anyway, I went home that night and started Googling. And that’s when I learned about the health benefits, particularly for problem sleepers. (I’ve had difficulty sleeping for years.)

I bought the watch about a week later and I have worn it nearly every day since. I’ve been wearing it to bed as well. I don’t know what I like about it best: the compliments I’ve been getting from friends and more than a few strangers or the nearly two months in a row that I’ve slept through the entire night.

My husband is not a watch person but he has sleep issues as well (not to mention high stress) so I’m probably going to buy him one anyway for his birthday. When he sleeps through the night, he’ll thank me. I love my Philip Stein watch and I very highly recommend it!