Don’t Fall For One Of The Teslar Scams

philip-steinPhilip Stein is a leader in mind-body awareness and wellness, thanks to his promotion of his watches that employ Teslar technology. This technology was originally researched and developed by an inventor by the name of Andrija Puharich in the early 1970’s, and named after Nikola Tesla, hence the term “Teslar.”
Puharich’s research was based on the premise that the human body suffers unbalancing effects due to constant bombardment with electromagnetic forces, which could be counteracted with appropriate measures to bring harmony back to the body and thus avoid or decrease these harmful effects.
Philip Stein’s watches employ this same technology, with the Teslar chip emitting an electromagnetic pulse between seven and nine times per second. This pulse mimics the earth’s naturally-occurring electromagnetic field and aids the body in balancing itself to its normal rhythms. Many wearers of the watches express an improved sense of well-being, better sleep, and a decrease in discomfort due to chronic injuries or degenerative health problems. If all of this is true, then a simple solution to many physical ailments may be to wear a Philip Stein watch! Perhaps meditation classes, biofeedback, and relaxation techniques will give way to expensive timepieces built to enhance physical health. Time will tell…pardon the pun.

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