Teslar scams? Read this.

A lot has been written about the science behind Philip Stein’s Teslar watches, but not all of it is true.  Think of it as “whisper down the lane”, where a story gets more convoluted the more often it is told.  Such is the case with so-called Teslar scams.  What started out as the scientific theory behind the invention of frequency technology was told and retold that it wasn’t long before the truth became distorted.   Replica watch companies who manufactured fake Philip Stein watches soon jumped on the bandwagon, saying it didn’t matter if you had a real or a fake one, neither one of them had any real health benefit. 

I would like to take this opportunity to clear things up so there is no confusion.  Teslar technology is named after one of the original scientists in the fields of electromagnetism.  Its basic tenet is that the body functions optimally when exposed to the right frequencies, with the ideal one being 7.83 Hz, the same frequency as the Earth’s natural resonance.  By recreating this frequency using unique chips embedded into the case, Philip Stein’s technology creates a shield around the body that keeps harmful electromagnetic fields from harming the body. 

Back in the early stages of testing, it was shown that when Teslar chips were worn on the wrist, the brain’s signal strength increased by 80%.  Further testing showed that Teslar indeed had the ability to protect the wearer from dangerous ELF electromagnetic waves, like those generated by power lines and computer screens. 

The truth about Philip Stein Teslar, the genuine article, is that it lives up to its claims.  Thousands of testimonials have proven that people who wear these innovative watches enjoy better sleep, mental clarity, resilience in stressful situations, and a general sense of well-being.

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