Teslar Scams: Beware Of Imitations

teslar_watchRecently consumers have purchased authentic Philip Stein Teslar watches, or at least, they thought they had the real thing, only to find that what they had purchased was an imitation that didn’t have a real Teslar chip in it. Like many people, the temptation to buy something for less than half the price of what it normally sells for can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this great price break often comes with a specific reason.

In the case of Philip Stein watches, buyers who have gone for the cheap imitation have found out that the Teslar chip in it was not real. One buyer reports after taking his watch to a jeweler and finding out that it was a cheap knockoff, he took it back to where he bought it, and the retailer refused to take it back, only offering to sell another watch for half off.

So, what is a good guideline for buying a Philip Stein watch? Become familiar with their prices and avoid bargains where you would pay less than 15% off the normal price. Make sure you buy your watch either from them directly on their website, or at an authorized Philip Stein dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found on their website.

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