Teslar Testing proves the science behind Philip Stein watches

For those of you who have fallen for Teslar scams, my condolences.  However, you should know that it is impossible to truly be a victim to a “Teslar scam” unless you have actually tested the patented frequency technology behind it.  Unfortunately, these so-called scams involve replica Philip Stein watches, not the real thing. 

Just in case you are still harboring some skepticism about Philip Stein Teslar watches, I have good news.  Testing of Teslar technology is well underway, and so far the results are astoundingly positive for Philip Stein.

In the original scientific tests of this technology, a magnetometer was used in conjunction with an oscilloscope to produce a digital numeric readout.  This measured a period of oscillation, or hertz, and the ensuing electromagnetic field that was released through the Teslar chip.  By placing a sensor (in this case a container of purified water) into a Faraday cage, and asking test subjects to place their hands on either side of it, scientists were able to measure the electromagnetic energy that is introduced and show proof of it on a digital readout. 

The frequency being produced by Philip Stein Teslar watches was measured as 7 to 9 hertz, a frequency associated with relaxation and meditation.  Other test subjects who practiced meditation were able to produce these natural frequencies while in a state of prolonged concentration, but they were unable to sustain these frequencies all day long. 

However, by wearing a Philip Stein watch, both sets of test subjects were able to maintain the ideal frequency level (averaging 7.83 Hz) for as long as they wore the watch. 

Ongoing testing has revealed even greater benefits from test subjects, including pain management, reduced incidence of migraine, improved athletic performance, and better problem solving ability. 


Of course, the best way to “test” out a Philip Stein Teslar watch for yourself is the buy one.  Just be sure you buy it from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.

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