The effects of ELF magnetic fields on human cells

It wasn’t until I wore a Philip Stein Teslar watch for a few weeks that I realized how much the ELF fields around me must have been affecting my mood, stress level and sleeping patterns.  It was a real “eye-opener”.  Once I realized this, I become much more interested in finding out about the health impact of increased exposure to electromagnetic fields. 

Evidence suggests that even the ELF magnetic fields given off by everyday household items can be strong enough to be potentially hazardous.  Those of us who earn our livings in the field of electronics have even more to worry about.

Here is a summary of what I learned:

It was originally believed that these week ELF fields couldn’t have a serious impact on living things, but this belief was based on the theory that the quantum energy of these fields was too low to break down chemical or nuclear bonds within human tissue.  Although the mechanism that causes the fields’ affect on biological tissue is still in question, research shows that human cells are sensitive to ELF magnetic fields.  Some of these effects include changes in the flow of ionic compounds within cellular membranes, changes in RNA transcription and DNA synthesis, as well as the response of cells to hormones and neurotransmitters.  Changes have also been noted in the kinetics of some biochemical cellular reactions.

The more I read about the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body, the more I appreciate the technology behind Philip Stein watches.  Who knows what studies will reveal over the next few decades, and how much of a public health threat this exposure really presents? 

I had originally purchased a Philip Stein Teslar watch to help me sleep better and be less stressed during the day, but now I realize that this watch may actually prevent a lot of health problems down the road. 

But beware of Teslar scams.  Ever since this technology became available to the public in 2002, a number of replica watch companies have begun peddling imposter Philip Stein watches.  The best way to avoid this is to purchase your Philip Stein watch from an authorized retailer.

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