The magic behind Philip Stein watches

The innovation behind Philip Stein watches lies in their uniquely designed Teslar chips, which utilize frequency technology to work in concert with the watch’s standard parts.  The result? Less stress, better sleep, higher energy levels and improved concentration for the wearer.  So how does this breakthrough technology work?

1)      Like any other electronic device, the battery of the Philip Stein watch creates its own electric field

2)      Each watch contains a quartz-crystal, oscillating timing coil, which emits a magnetic field

3)      The Teslar chip then collapses these two fields together, creating a zero-point scalar wave.

4)      This longitudinal waveform is alive with energy, and is modulated by the Teslar chip, which emits a 7.83 Hz frequency.  Because this frequency embedded in a watch- typically worn on the left arm – it travels around the triple warmer energy conduit, or meridian.

5)      Because this meridian interconnects with the body’s other energy conduits, it allows the energy dispersed by the Philip Stein watch to travel throughout the body.  This process strengthens the body’s natural electromagnetic field, and makes it resistant to external fields which can often interrupt its flow. 

This process may sound a bit complicated, but to a scientist it is actually quite simple.  Philip Stein watches make it easy to remain calm, relaxed and free of the environmental stresses caused by electronic pollution. 

The Philip Stein Teslar watch retunes the body’s naturally occurring electromagnetic field to be in harmony with the resonance of the earth.  The best way to describe the feeling one gets from wearing this type of watch is to compare it to how it feels to spend time close to nature and away from  an otherwise fast-paced life.

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