The Meteoric Rise of an Otherworldly Product

Who knew there would one day be a watch company so stylish and unique that it would be in a class all by itself?  Seven years ago, few people had even heard of the Philip Stein watch company, let alone frequency technology, but today they are considered to be one of the finest luxury timepieces.  Ever since Madonna presented a Philip Stein watch to Oprah, and Oprah added these beautiful “feel good” watches to her collection of Favorite Things, sales of Philip Stein Teslar watches started to skyrocket.

Just another watch trend?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear about celebrity endorsements, I usually become a little skeptical about how long a company’s success will last.  But these watches are far more than just another trend.  By integrating natural frequency technology into their timepieces, the Philip Stein company found a way to improve the lives of their customers; one that goes far beyond the beauty of their watches. 

Whether you buy a Prestige, Modern or Signature collection watch, Philip Stein Teslar watches are a masterpiece of design.  Each one is embedded with a patented Teslar chip, which emits a frequency that mimics the natural resonance found in the earth.  This frequency interacts with the watch’s battery and causes the wearer to feel relaxed and calm.  Also, by diffusing damaging external electromagnetic fields, wearers experience a healthier flow of energy throughout their bodies.  Relaxation, better sleep, more energy and improved concentration are the net result. 

Look for Philip Stein watches at authorized retailers only, so you will be certain you are getting an authentic Teslar watch.  A genuine Philip Stein watch is well worth the price, but you will want to avoid any online dealers or Teslar scams.  As always, whenever a good idea hits the market, there are dozens of imitators, but if you want to reap the benefits of Philip Stein’s technology, it is important to buy the real thing.

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