The Philip Stein Prestige Collection – Swiss Watch Making at its Best

The Philip Stein Prestige line now offers Swiss-made perfection along with cutting-edge frequency technology.  Precision Swiss quartz movements add to the distinctive design of these fabulous timepieces. 

Like all other Philip Stein watches, the Prestige collection is embedded with the natural frequency technology that balances the body’s bio-field, improving overall health and well-being.  By replicating the natural frequency of the earth (7-9 MHz), the natural frequency disk helps the wearer deflect the radical frequencies that are present in our everyday lives.  Electronic pollution from computers, PDAs, iPods, cell phones and microwaves can disrupt the natural balance in our bodies, inviting stress and poor sleeping patterns.  By wearing a Philip Stein watch, these negative frequencies are repelled.  The net result is a calmer, more meditative state that invites serenity and peace of mind.

The new case being shown in the Prestige collection is available in highly polished stainless steel or rose gold.  The women’s models also include miniature pave diamond bezels and mother-of-pearl dials. 

Men’s watches in this collection are elegant, yet sporty, featuring triple layered dials with luxurious detailing.  All of these timepieces are available with a wide selection of interchangeable straps and bracelets, in a variety of colors and textures. 

Launched seven years ago, the Philip Stein watch company has made watch making history by being the first to include integrated frequency-based technology in a luxury timepiece.  Thanks to the excitement generated over this innovative technique, the company soon received numerous accolades from the press and notable celebrities. 

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