The Philip Stein Wind Wand helps you Start the Weekend Early!

Any wine aficionado will tell you, once you get into the habit of letting wine “breathe” before drinking it, you will never go back.  This means that whether a serious wine lover opens a bottle of Chianti to go along with an Italian meal or that coveted bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, they must wait the appropriate amount of time – sometimes up to three hours – before they can drink it.  Not so fast…

Thanks to the Philip Stein Wine Wand, the breathing process has been forever altered, meaning the long wait is no longer required.  Harnessing the electromagnetic frequency technology used in Philip Stein watches, a groundbreaking discovery has made it possible to aerate a bottle of wine in minutes. 

When a new bottle of wine is first opened, it has been without air for a very long time and needs to “breathe” to find proper harmony with its environment.  The aeration process rids the wine of alcohol vapors, tannins and sugars, while reducing the acidity produced by fermentation.  Normally, this requires time, but now with the Philip Stein Wine wand.  By replicating the natural frequency present in oxygen, the elegant wine wand releases the wine’s natural flavors to achieve its fullest potential. 

With the elegant and stylish wine wand in your pocket, there is no need to wait for your wine.  You can let the weekend begin right away!

The Philip Stein Wine Wand is now available at fine retailers everywhere, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Fred Segal Melrose.  Retail pricing starts at $325 (travel size) and $525 (bottle size).  Visit for more information.

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