The Rise of Electronic Pollution

Less than a century ago, we didn’t have all the gadgets, automobiles, communications systems, wiring, lighting and electronic entertainment that we have today.  It is also interesting to note that we also didn’t have all the stress, road rage, depression, crime, and heart disease back then. 

While it is true that our lives are less demanding and our productivity as a nation has dramatically increased; we are also much less balanced with nature.  This imbalance is created by all the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) floating around in our atmosphere from computers, cell phones, televisions and a world full of electronic circuitry.  This rise in EMFs, also known as electronic pollution, has caused a dramatic increase in concern about the negative health effects that they cause. 

Scientists around the world, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) have been studying the impact of electronic pollution for several years, but even their research cannot keep up with the consistent increase in EMFs.  A recent report, entitled “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors” has finally given their research some credibility, but most experts agree that the health hazards extend far beyond mobile technology.

In an effort to address this issue, the Philip Stein watch company has introduced a line of luxury watches that incorporate frequency technology.  These beautiful timepieces offer a powerful shield against the effects of EMFs and have been shown to give wearers an overall sense of well being and calm. 

Much attention has been paid to Philip Stein watches since their debut in 2002, but the most notable one was from Oprah Winfrey, who added the watches to her list of Favorite Things – twice!  Other celebrities, such as Madonna and Rupert Murdoch have also chosen Philip Stein watches for their health benefits, as well as their elegant craftsmanship.

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