The Solution to Stress can be worn on Your Wrist

Over the past several years, the founders of Philip Stein watches have been working on solving the problem of “electronic pollution”.  This is not the kind of pollution that causes global warming; but it is the kind of pollution that causes stress.  The reason this is such an important goal for the Philip Stein watch company is because of recent findings that indicate electronic pollution can be a serious health problem. 

Originally believed to cause anxiety in some hyper-sensitive people, recent research points to more dramatic effects from low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)  Over the summer, a new report called “Cell Phones and Brain Tumors” was released that tied EMFs released from mobile phones to malignant brain tumors. 

Another long-term study conducted the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that increased exposure to EMFs can cause migraines, hypertension, depression, sleep disorders and poor concentration.  With our addiction to electronics increasing by the day, the demand for a solution has reached a fever pitch. 

Philip Stein watches use some of the same technology developed by Nikola Tesla; hence the name “Teslar” watches.  Tesla was best known for his contributions to electricity and magnetism.  The watches also utilize a key discovery by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, whose discovery of the earth’s natural resonance (7.83 Hz) became known as the Schumann Resonance. 

In response to the need for a solution to the health effects of harmful EMFs, Philip Stein watches create a reaction in the body that encourages a calm and peaceful feeling.  They also help wearers sleep more soundly and improve concentration. 

At first glance, Philip Stein watches may appear to be another high-end luxury watch, but the technology within them makes them far more valuable.

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