The Truth about Philip Stein Teslar Scams

If you are at all familiar with the luxury watch industry, chances are you’ve heard of Philip Stein, but just in case you haven’t, I am hoping to dispel some nasty rumors about these revolutionary watches. 

Allow me to cut to the chase – the Philip Stein Teslar scams are real.  There, I said it.  But the genuine Philip Stein Teslar watches (also known as frequency technology, or the “feel good watches) are 100% real as well.  Confused?   So was I.

Let’s flashback to 2002, when the Philip Stein company first introduced their new Teslar watches, known not only for their natural beauty, but also for their “natural frequency” technology.  New on the scene, the company received more press than they had originally anticipated, especially when Madonna presented Oprah with a Philip Stein watch as a gift.  Then, the watches made it onto Oprah’s list of Favorite Things – twice!  Before long, Rupert Murdoch was seen wearing them, and the rest was history.  A few bumps in the road and millions of dollars in sales later, and Philip Stein watches are still a favorite among celebrities, executives, and influential people around the globe. 

The “bumps in the road” for Philip Stein’s “feel good” watches came when several replica watch makers set out to create an imposter version of the watches.  This is quite common for luxury watch brands, in fact some companies are flattered – and know they’ve really made it – when they start to see replicas for sale.  Not Philip Stein.  This is because a replica of a watch claiming therapeutic benefits is the perfect recipe for naysayers who like to claim they are being scammed.  Truth is, they were scammed, but not by Philip Stein.  Their scam was delivered by an imposter, claiming to be Philip Stein. 

So the truth is, yes, Philip Stein scams do exist, and yes, the real deal is out there if you’re willing to pay for it.  Enough said.

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