Time to Spend that Hanukkah Gelt? Buy yourself a Philip Stein watch

As we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah, menorahs are lit and gifts are exchanged in recognition of the rededication of the Temple and candles that burned on for eight days and nights.  The word Hanukkah literally means “dedication”, which is why Hanukkah is often called the Festival of Dedication. 

In modern Jewish homes, it has become a tradition to exchange a different type of gift every night for eight consecutive days, but some Jewish families still give Hanukkah “gelt” instead of gifts.  Gelt is a token gift of money that was originally given to Jewish children so they wouldn’t be jealous of their Christian friends at Christmas time, but the tradition continues in many homes today.

However you choose to celebrate, December is the time of year for gift-giving.  It is also a great time to buy yourself something that you’ve always wanted.  Why not let this be the year that you invest in a beautiful new Philip Stein watch?  If you watch the Oprah show, you’ve been hearing about Philip Stein watches for years. 

The watches have twice appeared on her list of Favorite Things because of how they protect the body from electromagnetic fields and make the wearer feel great.  In fact, Philip Stein watches have been shown to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, promote better concentration and relieve chronic pain.  And as if that’s not enough, they are luxuriously crafted and beautifully designed, making them a sensational fashion accessory.  Want to do something nice for yourself this holiday season?  Spend your Hanukkah “gelt” on a Philip Stein watch!

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