What are people saying about Philip Stein watches?

I’ve been curious about these natural frequency watches for so long, it’s hard to believe I don’t own one yet.  But as a fashion writer and marketing consultant, I tend to scrutinize the claims of something this ground-breaking before making a commitment to buy. 

The watches I’ve tried on have all looked fantastic on the wrist, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy one until I did my own research.  I asked my readers to write in and tell me their experiences with Philip Stein watches, and here is a sampling of what I found. 

·         I’ve been wearing one of those watches with natural frequency chips for only a few months and I can already vouch for the benefits.  The first thing I noticed was I was sleeping a lot better.  Because my job requires a lot of travel, I have suffered off and on from sleep deprivation, which really added to the stress of traveling.  Since I bought my Philip Stein watch, I have been able to sleep through the night on a regular basis, and I awake feeling better than ever.  Now I have that extra energy I needed to start an exercise routine and endure the stress of traveling frequently.

·         In all, I would recommend this watch to anyone who is trying to improve their body’s overall sense of wellness.  It is also a stylish and sophisticated timepiece which not only looks terrific, but makes me feel better and less stressed-out. 

·         As a corrections offer at a local prison, managing high-stress situations has been a part of my job for the past 20 years.  When I first heard about frequency technology and Philip Stein, I thought I’d give it a try, but I was also a little skeptical.  First, I was so sold on the look of these watches, that it almost wouldn’t have mattered if I felt a difference in well-being.  After wearing if for a few weeks, I took it off for a week to see if I would notice a marked difference.  Surprisingly, I experienced disturbed sleep, more stress, and a poor outlook that week.  That’s when I realized, Philip Stein watches really work!

Okay, so after seeing these positive reviews, and many more, I am going out and buying myself a new Philip Stein watch.  I will add my review to this blog in a few weeks. 

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