What is all the fuss about Teslar?

If you ask the average person if they’ve ever heard of Teslar, most will think you are talking about a new automobile, fabric, or diet food.  But it is none of those.  Teslar technology has been around for awhile, but it has become much more popular in our modern high-tech world.  Ever since it became known that the extra-low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields emitted by electronics and mobile devices are hazardous to the human body, Teslar (a.k.a. “frequency technology”) has developed a much stronger following. 

The Teslar theory was first popularized by physicist Nikola Tesla, among others, who learned that the body could be shielded from harmful ELF frequencies by providing an alternative pathway for these signals to bypass the central nervous system.  This technology was later perfected and commercialized in a collection of luxury watches from Philip Stein

Philip Stein watches come equipped with tiny Teslar chips which actually emit the same frequency found naturally in the earth.  Wearing a Teslar watch creates a strengthened and enhanced electromagnetic field around the body and deflects the stress-causing fields that can cause fatigue, stess, insomnia and depression.  In addition, Philip stein watches protect the wearer from any potential long-term health hazards that are caused by ELF signals. 

Teslar has shown the ability to enhance the body’s immune response and keep the nervous system from absorbing too much neuroadrenalin ( a natural depressant).  Additionally, athletes have been shown to perform better when wearing a Philip Stein watch, with studies indicating that 20% seeing an improvement in athletic performance.

By using subtle energy to shield the body from harmful electronic pollution, Philip Stein watches allow the body to operate at an optimal level while remaining more in tune with the natural environment.

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