What’s behind the Philip Stein watch phenomenon?

The physiological response to frequencies in the air has been discussed in medical circles for many years, but never as much as they have been recently.  A recent study about cell phone use and brain tumors has sparked even more concern about how our electronic world will ultimately impact public health. 

With so much “electronic pollution”, or “electro-smog” as some call it, the brain is responding to a wide variety of electromagnetic energy fields, particularly in devices that use pulsed microwaves in close proximity to the body. This causes a person to feel stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed and scatter-brained.  It can also cause depression, anxiety, mood swings and migraines. 

Luckily, the Philip Stein watch company has been proactive in researching this phenomenon and they have turned their frequency technology into a brilliant business model.  In fact, the watches have such a profound impact on their owners’ lives; I am convinced we will all have one in less than ten years. 

By emitting the same exact frequency that is found in the earth’s most harmonious state, the watches are able to create their own healthy electromagnetic energy field – one that gives the wearer the same feeling of calm that most people have while they are on vacation.  Whenever we are in a natural environment, and away from major metropolitan areas, this 7.83 Hz frequency is the one that the body feels.  Attunement with this frequency means harmony with the earth. 

Even though Philip Stein Teslar watches have only been around for seven years, the company has realized more success than mot watch companies have in several decades.  Celebrities, media moguls and Wall St. tycoons have zealously endorsed Philip Stein watches for their healing abilities and natural beauty.

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