What’s the Buzz about Frequency Technology?

If you are looking for a simple explanation of frequency technology, the groundbreaking discovery that has made Philip Stein watches such an amazing success, look no further.  After consulting with the scientists responsible for the original Teslar technology found in Philip Stein watches, I am happy to report that the technology behind these watches, while fascinating, is really quite simple.

Electromagnetic frequency technology using electromagnetic fields, was first introduced in 2003.  Five years later, in 2008, natural frequency technology was introduced.  Both of these discoveries work with the same key frequency of 7-9 MHz, which has proven to be the most ideal frequency because it is the chief resonant frequency emitted by the earth.  It is also the most grounding and harmonious frequency for earth’s life forms. 

An important difference between the two methods electromagnetic and natural frequency technology is the system of delivery.  While one uses electromagnetic frequencies using a dual-chip method, the other is delivered via a metal disk that has been infused with these key frequencies, using a proprietary process. 

Exposure to this natural frequency has caused test subjects to get a better night’s sleep, experience less stress, focus more clearly, and enjoy better concentration on tasks.  Philip Stein was the first, and is still the only watch maker to incorporate the use of this science in wrist watches.  When worn on the wrist, the watches expose these new frequencies and energies to the bio-field of the person wearing it, thereby regulating the body’s functions and causing it to relax.  In so doing, Philip Stein watches make the body more resistant to stress, more centered and grounded.  When you are more in harmony with the earth, it is much easier to stay focused, sleep better and remain calm in stressful situations. 


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