Philip Stein Wine Wand

Philip Stein’s Magical Wine Wand

When Will Stein, founder of Philip Stein watches said “I foresee the expansion of our company through innovation,” it is doubtful that anyone would have interpreted that to mean his next product would be a Wine Wand.

Always on the cutting-edge of technology, Philip Stein is known for frequency-based luxury watches that give their wearers a renewed sense of well-being and overall health.  So what does the wine wand do for its users? Wine and the aeration of wine have nothing to do with watches. But the new wine wand does have something to do with the use of frequency-based technology.

The tube contained in these cylindrical glass “wands” has permanently embedded natural frequencies, and one of these is the frequency of oxygen.  (If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that oxygen even had a frequency.)  The presence of this frequency in Philip Stein’s Wine Wand is what really makes it magical.

It is these natural frequencies – of air and oxygen – that remove the vapors of alcohol, as well as the sugar, tannins and acidity that make wine ferment.  Using the wine wand, this process can occur much faster because the wand infuses these frequencies directly into the wine, accelerating the aeration process.  Normally, this “breathing process” of new wine can take several hours, but thanks to the wine wand, it can now be done in only two to five minutes.

Many wine connoisseurs were skeptical at first, claiming that if an invention like this were even possible, it would have been developed long ago.  Wine growers and wine lovers know that only a wine that is allowed to breathe can become the artwork a wine maker intended.  So when the wine wand was tested on the most sophisticated palates (and noses) it was quickly touted as a breakthrough discovery!  Philip Stein’s Wine Wand quickly became an indispensible accessory for wine aficionados everywhere.

Not only does the wand make the perfect gift for that person “who has everything”, it is elegantly packaged too.  Encapsulated glass jewels in the wand are protected by gorgeous designer cases that feature a gold-tone finish against colorful alligator or crocodile leather.  The Philip Stein Wine Wand is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but will make a big splash with the wine lover in your life.