My Women’s Watch From Philip Stein

ladies-philip-steinI’ve been on a major health kick over the past six months. I’ve given up fast, fatty, and fried foods (all except for my once a week Mexican indulgence), I’m drinking more water in a day than I used to in about a week, and I’ve been going to the gym six days a week, taking yoga whenever I can get into my teacher’s class.

And it was my yoga teacher, unquestionably the healthiest person I know who recommended that I get the Philip Stein watch. Now I should say that I am normally not the type of gal to spend a lot of money on a “day-to-day” watch. I’m not cheap, mind you, just not really a watch person. But I’ve been trying to find ways not only to get in better cardiovascular shape but also to get my body’s rhythms in sync and help keep an even keel. And since my teacher is not the sort of person to make frivolous recommendations (in fact, aside from diet tips, she hasn’t recommended ANYTHING till she told me about the Philip Stein watch) I took her advice and bought the same one she had. (My watch is from their Harmony collection. It has a small stainless steal case and bracelet and the dial is made of ivory).

Anyway, I LOVE IT! I wear it every day. At the gym and at work and I’m not nearly as anxious as I was before I bought it. Plus, I think its my Philip Stein Watch is pretty beautiful too!

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