Zen Meditation and the Philip Stein watch collection

Okay, you’re probably wondering what in the world could Zen meditation have to do with a Philip Stein watch?  Believe it or not, they do share some similarities in the way they help relieve stress.

When one enters a Japanese Zen meditation room, one is encouraged to empty the mind of distractions, clear away any interruptions and allow natural “chi” energy to flow freely through the body.  In this environment, it is possible to train oneself to relax and become one with the earth’s natural rhythms.  Zen masters believe that only then can we find true peace and tranquility, but it is not an easy thing to learn.  Even those who truly appreciate the benefits of meditation may have a hard time doing it on a regular basis. 

On the other hand, wearing a Philip Stein watch with natural frequency technology aims to do some of the same things for the wearer.  By shielding the body of the wearer from the constant distractions of low-frequency electromagnetic energy fields, Philip Stein watches promote the free flow of natural “chi” energy through the meridians of the body.  By emitting the same frequency found naturally in the earth, they also inform the body to relax and become one with the earth’s natural rhythms.  Sound familiar? 

Who knew that just by wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch we could duplicate the physical and mental benefits of meditation?  If you’ve been struggling to keep your stress level down, sleep better, and have more energy, maybe it’s time you started wearing a Philip Stein.

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